Friday, July 29, 2011

Chapter 4: Birthday Surprises

"Why don't you come to the park with us Dakota?" Phillip asks, a concerned look on his face.

"Phil," she says irritably, " I need to paint. Your farm hasn't generated a single simoleon, and my art is the only way we are able to pay the bills." She glares at him and gets back to work.

"But Dakota..." he trails off, realizing she's already tuned him out.

Phillip sighs and heads on his way. She's right after all. His plants do not seem to want to grow on Dakota's land, and they are struggling financially right now. But does she have to spend all her time painting? Lily is growing up right under her nose, but Dakota barely seems to notice.

At the park, Lily loves to play on the pink horsey ride.

So much so that when Phillip says it is time to go, she doesn't want to leave...

Phillip laughs at Lily's stubborn streak. "Just like your mom," he says with a smile.

That night after Phillip put Lily to bed, he makes an announcement.

"Dakota, I'm going to throw you a birthday party," he declares decisively.

"Phil," Dakota frowns. "I don't need a party. I'm fine to just stay home and work on my art..."

"No, Dakota. You need to get out of this house and have some fun," he pauses for second. "We both do," he adds. Phillip makes it very clear that he will not tolerate any arguing, but that doesn't stop her from trying. Finally, she reluctantly agrees to attend the party this weekend.

It's Friday, and Dakota arrives at the bar first, before Phillip or the other guests arrive. She looks over and immediately spots Morty, now a senior, sitting at the bar.

He approaches her, and she looks away uncomfortably. She has no idea why he is here or what he could possibly want.

"Hi Dakota," he speaks her name delicately, tenderly.

"What are you doing here?" she stammers out. She doesn't want to mess around with small talk tonight. It is her birthday after all, and she wants to have a good time.

"I came here to tell you something Dakota," he says, looking directly into her eyes. "I left my wife."

"You what?" Dakota asks, the gravity of his words not quite sinking in.

"I left her. Well, actually she left me once she realized that my heart belongs to another woman," he replies, the words smoothly rolling off his tongue. "I love you Dakota. I want to be with you. And with our daughter."

For a second, Dakota's heart begins to flutter. She remembers how she used to feel about him, how madly in love she was with him. She would have done anything to hear him say that, to utter those three magical words "I love you".

But then the anger returns.

"You abandoned me, Morty! Left me alone to raise our unborn child! You never pay your child support, never bother to come and visit Lily," she screams. "How dare you march in here and act like you want to be part of my life, part of Lily's life?"

"You're despicable," she says, her voice becoming eerily quiet. "Leave. Now."

"Dakota, I..." Morty begins.

"I said leave!" she says motioning toward the door.

"Fine Dakota, but I am not coming back!" he yells furiously as he storms out the door.

"Good," she mutters to herself.

The rest of Dakota's party goes off without a hitch. They celebrate at the Reserve Tavern, and Phillip even surprises her with a birthday cake.

"Hmm... What should I wish for?" she wonders.

She blows out the candles without realizing that the answer to her wish is standing right behind her shoulder...

Phillip is super excited that Dakota is getting older...

...Even if Dakota herself is a little less certain.

"A few new wrinkles, but I've still got it!" she thinks.

After the celebration, Dakota pulls Phillip aside.

"Phil, have you noticed who has been ogling you all night?" she asks, her tone playful.

"No, who?" Phillip looks concerned and begins straightening his shirt.

"Gina Porcina," Dakota replies with a giggle. "She just broke up with Blyth Smyth and moved back in with her parents. Looks like somebody might have a crush on you!" she teases.

"Really, you think so?" he asks her sincerely.

Dakota is a bit taken aback by how serious he looks. "Well, yes. But everyone knows she's such a flirt..."

Phillip considers for a moment. "I think I'm going to go over and say hello," he tells Dakota. He glances over at Gina. "She looks pretty cute tonight, don't you think?"

Before even waiting for Dakota to answer, he heads over to Gina and starts up a conversation

As the party begins to break up, Dakota goes looking for Phillip. She wants to share a cab home with him, but she hasn't seen him all night.

She stops dead in her tracks, stunned by what she sees in front of her. Phillip has his arms around Gina in an intimate embrace. From the smeared lipstick on his face, she can tell they have been kissing.

"Ahem," she clears her throat.

He jumps back, surprised to see Dakota standing there. "Right," he stammers out, obviously a little embarrassed. "Dakota, you know Gina," he introduces them uneasily.

Dakota fakes a half-hearted smile in Gina's direction. "Phil, we better get home. Nice to see you Gina," she says coolly. And with that she turns around and struts out the door.

Phillip wishes Gina a good night, gives her one last peck on the cheek, and runs after Dakota. He doesn't quite understand what just happened back there, but he sure knows he doesn't want to piss Dakota off any further.

Challenge Notes:

Tried to do a bit of a cliff hanger there at the end, but I'm pretty sure I failed miserably. I always have a problem with being too predictable.

The birthday party was a fun scene to play, with Morty showing up and Phil's romance with Gina. Poor guy, he was so desperate for romance. (Yes, I am totally personifying the pixels on my computer screen. Deal with it! :D) Gina seems nice, and she already has a child with Blyth, so I don't mind using her for Phillip. Besides, who knows what will happen? ;)

I didn't mention it before, but Lily traits are party animal and clumsy. I didn't get to choose (Dakota's pregnancy was rough) but I'm happy with them. Clumsy Sims are adorable, in my opinion.


  1. I love clumsy Sims, too. :D
    LOL, I thought Phil was deliberately trying to make Dakota jealous. But hey, if he can get a little romance in there, good for him!

  2. Oops! No, that isn't what was going on. Better get chapter 5 up soon so I can clarify!

  3. These single with help rolls are tough for the help! I don't blame him!!

    Your pictures look great here, too!

  4. I love this chapter! I wonder how long will it take for Dakota to notice/acknowledge that she is jealous? Can't wait for the next update.

  5. Aww thanks ll! I'm glad you liked it! *smiles*

  6. Gah, Dakota finally gets interested in Phil and he starts flirting with someone else. I believe in them though, especially now that Dakota seems to be wising up.