Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chapter 15: Teenage Dreams

Lily gives a makeover to August Grapevine, Phillip's son. Apparently, August thinks he's smokin' hot.

Darren Wattson, the "coolest boy in school" (according to himself),  has the hots for Beatrix.

Beatrix finds the attention flattering, but his advances make her nervous. She grins awkwardly at Darren, not really sure what to say.

As things heat up between Beatrix and Darren, Paxton watches them anxiously out of the corner of his eye. Pax doesn't think Darren is good enough for his sister, and besides, he's got someone else in mind for her.

Ethan, who practically lives at the West household these days, doesn't really know what to think about the new man in Bea's life.

Closer than ever, Ethan and Beatrix have come up with a devious plot to find Paxton a girlfriend. One of Bea's good friends (and Darren Wattson's younger sister) just started high school, and she's still single. These best friends are not above matchmaking.

Beatrix throws a slumber party. She invites every teenager in Riverblossom, but her guest of honor is Jacklyn Wattson. She grins mischievously as Paxton introduces himself to the lovely young woman.

Darren makes an appearance as well, but after chatting with Bea for a few minutes he complains about a headache and leaves.

Out of all the topics of conversation, Jacklyn and Paxton choose to chat about Paxton's mom. Jacklyn is a budding fashionista and quite enamored with Lily's work as a stylist.

In the background, Ethan quietly eavesdrops on their conversation, trying to see how they are getting along.

"You know, I think my sister and her friend are trying to set us up," Paxton whispers to Jacklyn.

"Yeah, I kind of got that impression," Jacklyn whispers back.

"And they think we have no idea!" Paxton laughs.

"Gee, what idiots!" Jacklyn says as they both break into giggles.

Beatrix and Ethan decide to hit the hot tub, and as part of their master plan they invite Jacklyn and Paxton to join them. As soon as Jacklyn and Paxton start to get comfortable however...

The best friends make a quick exit.

"Hey where are you guys going?!" Jacklyn exclaims with a laugh.

Paxton glares at Ethan, silently begging the vampire not to leave him alone with Jacklyn. Pax thinks that was a mean trick.

However, by the end of the night Paxton decides to buy them each a very large and expensive present...

Or perhaps two large and expensive presents.

After spying on Jacklyn and Paxton, Ethan and Beatrix head back to the room they've shared since childhood, Bea's bedroom.

"We did it, Ethan!" Bea shrieks excitedly. She's very happy for her brother.

Ethan smiles as he gazes into her eyes. "With one of the West twins taken care of, what shall we do about the other one?"

The purposeful look on his face makes Beatrix's heart skip a beat. "Well, there's always Jacklyn's brother Darren..." Beatrix begins.

Ethan makes a face. "I think you deserve better than that Bea," he tells her.

Beatrix laughs. "Oh yeah? Like who? Guys aren't exactly knocking down my door..."

Ethan smiles shyly. "Like me," he says softly, his eyes locked on hers.

And before she can even respond, he leans in and gently presses his lips against hers.

As he slowly pulls away, he looks at her anxiously, trying to read her expression. "Beatrix, I'm sorry. I just..." he begins.

Bea smiles and puts a finger on his lip. "What took you so long?" she asks playfully.

Ethan sighs, relieved. Gingerly, he pulls her toward him and wraps his arms around her waist. She gazes into his eyes, savoring the feeling of his body so close to hers.

"I love you Bea," he tells her. "I always have."

She kisses him. "I love you too Ethan," she whispers.

"Be my girlfriend," he says it more as a statement than a question.

She quietly nods her head yes, and they share one last kiss before going to sleep.

Before long, it's time for the prom. Ethan surprises Beatrix with a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

Really, really surprises her.

The happy couple poses for prom night photos.

Paxton and his date Jacklyn decide that they don't feel like getting their photo taken.

While the kids are out with their dates, Leo decides he and Lily can have a little date of their own.

With their own prom picture prominently displayed on the nightstand, Leo and Lily enjoy some quality time together. It's the first time in a long time that they've had the house to themselves.

After a fantastic evening at the prom, Paxton immediately heads to bed. Over the course of the night, he and Jacklyn decided to go steady, and to everyone's surprise (well, mostly just Beatrix) Paxton won prom king.

With Bea's parents fast asleep and Paxton dead to the world, Ethan and Bea decide to sneak out of the house and get some alone time of their own.

For a while, they sit together under their old tree house contentedly watching the stars.

"Have I told you that I love you, Bea?" Ethan asks her.

"Once or twice," Beatrix teases.

"I want to be with you. Forever," he whispers.

Beatrix blushes. She can't imagine spending her life with anyone else.

As they get to their feet, about to turn in for the night, Ethan suddenly pulls Beatrix toward him, kissing her passionately. He feels restless, and he doesn't want to say good night just yet.

"What was that for Ethan?" Beatrix pants, trying to catch her breath.

"Bea, I want tonight to be special. Extra special."

She looks at him, confused. "But I thought it already was..."

"No, Bea," he says, trying not to sound pushy. "I want to make tonight something neither of us will ever forget."

Beatrix frowns. "Ethan, what are you talking about?"

He grins as his eyes flit over to the large tree house just behind them.

"I love you," he tells her firmly. "And I want to be with you, forever. I just want forever to start now."

Beatrix feels her stomach go all tingly. The idea excites her, more than she would like to admit.

"Ethan, I don't know. What if we get caught?" she asks nervously.

"Sweetie, we won't," he reassures. "Everyone is asleep, and we are completely separated from the house..."

Bea still feels unsure, but when Ethan gives her that pleading look, his big blue eyes full of hope, she caves.

And she can't say that she doesn't enjoy what comes next.

Challenge Notes:

I just re-read this chapter's ending, and I realized that it isn't obvious from the picture what is going on with Bea and Ethan (although I think the text is pretty helpful). They are in the tree house, alone, with little pink hearts flying around everywhere. There, if you don't understand now, then I can't say I didn't try.

I am curious what you all think about Ethan. When I was playing the game, I had a different image of his personality than what I wrote about in this chapter.


  1. I like Ethan. I was rooting for him over that 'cool' kid, so I was happy when he spoke up.
    Great update!

    And, lol, there was a Jacklyn Wattson in my RH, too. She was Corrine's mother.

    I hope all your crashing issues get resolved.

  2. I'm happy you updated again. Your legacy is so dear to my heart xD. And I'm glad Ethan got up the nerve to ask Bea out. He's soooo cute. Is it just me or does CD's Alucard make some REALLY attractive kids?

  3. I'm glad Bea and Ethan are togetha' foreva'(crap... now I have that song stuck in my head. In case it's not obvious: at least I hope they will be. They are just too adorable. And Jacklyn and Pax are oober cute too. :)